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Seasoned Los Angeles Ad Agency Instagram—the hugely successful photo-sharing platform—announced in March that it had grown to more than a million advertisers; a surprise to many who had previously dismissed the app as nothing more than a marketplace for posting users’ latest photos of their dog or breakfast. According to Instagram,

Los Angeles Ad Agency When designing their websites, many businesses fail to realize that in all likelihood, consumers will not be able to experience their product simply by visiting their site. Therefore, extreme care must be taken with each aspect of your website, especially in terms of communicating your reputation and message clearly

Advertising Agency Los Angeles When it comes to marketing, you need to somehow balance your need to retain current or former clients while attracting new ones. Oftentimes, businesses find it difficult to decide which one to invest in more and how. Email marketing has cleared up this dilemma for many companies

L.A. Digital Ad Agency As the new year begins, businesses need to know what trends will come to dominate in 2017. While we are not professional prognosticators, the writing is on the wall when it comes to social media. 2016 saw a substantial increase in the number of people using social

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