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Successfully Branding Your Website in 4 Steps

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Successfully Branding Your Website in 4 Steps

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When designing their websites, many businesses fail to realize that in all likelihood, consumers will not be able to experience their product simply by visiting their site. Therefore, extreme care must be taken with each aspect of your website, especially in terms of communicating your reputation and message clearly and professionally  in hopes to transform your visitor into a lifelong consumer.

How Your Website Looks is Critical to Your Brand

Several factors are involved in the branding of your website, making it essential that you have a professional advertising agency behind it and maintaining it over the long term.

Here are some of the more salient things to keep in mind while designing your website vis-à-vis your brand message.

1.Design-focused branding

Before you start, ask yourself: what is my goal behind my website’s design? If you want to give visitors actual information and respond, the information needs to be powerful, engaging, and unique. Attractive, original content is going to get visitors to read it. The longer a visitor remains on your site, the greater the odds they will “convert”—give you a call, fill out a form, or perform some other task which can turn them into a client.

This may appear to be an attempt to appeal to the shallowness of consumers, but at the end of the day, you want people to be impressed with your site and content, and take your brand seriously. Putting time into these details will win you clients in both the short- and long-term.

2. Make your content “sell”

Many times, the attention to client needs can get lost in branding campaigns. You need to look at your website the way you view a commercial: grabbing a viewer’s attention is the first step, staying top-of-mind is the other part which cannot be ignored.

Your site visitors need to know what you offer and why you are right for them without much effort.

3. Share your expertise

Explaining in detail and convincing what it is you do and why you are so good at is essential. However, when you provide value-added content, you are likely to appear as not just another service provider, but an industry expert.

Value-added content refers to information you provide web visitors related to your business that does not contain overt marketing language, but instead information helpful to them within your expertise. An example would be a roofing company whose site also contains content related to roof maintenance, a helpful FAQ page, blogs on types of roofing materials, etc.

4. Build an easy to follow site structure

Finally, a major (and simple) means of adding credibility and professionalism to your website and brand is to design logically with visitors in mind. The average viewer is not as proficient in your business as you are, so take this into consideration when designing the layout. Make pages and links follow one another sensibly. Even small details like linking text to the exact same page as the text can put visitors at ease.

When you need to run an appealing and professional website while running your business, you should turn to a Los Angeles-based digital advertising agency that understands how to operate a website with consumers in mind. Trust Ad Leverage to grow your brand while increasing your ROI.


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