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You need to do more than translate.

The Hispanic population is the fastest growing segment in the U.S., with a U.S. Hispanic turning 18 every 30 seconds. With nearly 30% of the U.S. Hispanic population residing in California, and representing the majority in many of California’s largest markets, the ability to help your company truly connect with Hispanic consumers is more important than ever.

Ad Leverage has taken brands from previously non-existant in the Hispanic community and turned them into household names. Whether your company footprint is local, regional or national, our experience in Hispanic marketing and advertising will fast-track your penetration of this ever-important demographic.

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Hispanics Living In The US 0
English-speaking Hispanics Are Bilingual 0
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Placing an efficient media buy in the Hispanic marketplace is just the beginning. At Ad Leverage, we pride ourselves on developing carefully crafted messages that truly appeal to the cultural and psychographic differences amongst Hispanics; and our skills in developing culturally Spanish creative, rather than simply translating an English spot and hoping for the best. Our fully bilingual in-house creative services and production team will assist you in establishing a message that truly resonates with your target consumer.


With a more segmented media landscape than ever, understanding the methods and mediums necessary to most efficiently reach today’s Hispanic consumer has become an extremely difficult task. At Ad Leverage, our understanding and working knowledge of the Hispanic marketplace on a local, regional and national level will give your business a definitive edge in reaching and effectively influencing this hard to reach consumer.

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