Ad Leverage is a consumer-facing ad agency, providing a full suite of marketing services for mid-sized, emerging and enterprise-sized companies.

When you decide to enter the world of television and radio marketing, you want a marketing partner with you who has an in-depth knowledge of how buying ads works and how to get the most out of your advertising dollar.  Trying to go at it alone can leave you spending much more than you might otherwise. Our Los Angeles advertising agency uses our established relationships with local media to stretch your advertising budget and put your business in front of the audience you want.

Ad Leverage has considerable buying power to use in getting the best deal possible for your ads. Not only this, but we have tested extensively to find the optimal time for your ad to air, and can make changes to the scheduling to maintain the highest viewership of consumers likely to become your customers.

No matter your business size, where you are located, or what consumer base you are looking to target, Ad Leverage knows how to spend your ad dollars wisely. Even after placing your ad, we put the time into researching and tracking how effective it is and make changes where necessary. Working with a trusted Los Angeles advertising agency, you can let go of the burden of trying to handle your own advertising. From the creation of your ad, to finding just the right time and station or website to air it, Ad Leverage works to gain exposure for your business and drive people to your door so you can do what you do best—run your business and serve your clients.

Our agency is also proud to be able to offer a full in-house TV production department to help capitalize your traditional marketing efforts.

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