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Big Increase in Q1 Users & Earnings at Facebook

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Big Increase in Q1 Users & Earnings at Facebook

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Last week, social media giant Facebook released its earnings from Q1, and many were surprised by what they heard. Inching ever-closer to hitting the lofty 2 billion user mark, Facebook grew by 17% year by year and increased its number of active daily users by 18% over Q1 2016, totaling 1.28 billion people.

Q1 revenue for this year was higher than initially anticipated, reaching $8.03 billion, an increase of a whopping 49% over the first quarter of last year. Revenue generated by ads went up even higher—51% over last year—with mobile ad revenue inching up slightly from 2016, 85% compared to 82%.

Acknowledging the obvious, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg opined, “We had a good start to 2017”.

Facebook Growth Offers Larger Audience for Advertisers

Equally impressive was news that 76 million people became new Facebook users in Q1. Not only that, but 43 million of these new users hail from the Asia-Pacific area, compared to only 3 million from the U.S. and Canada.

On the other hand, the average ad revenue per user fell from $4.73 to $4.14.

While many heard of the 3,000 new employees to be added at Facebook to screen excessively violent videos, the team overall has grown by 38% as of the end of March to more than 18,000 employees.

Facebook continues to grow in terms of users and penetrate increasingly diverse markets around the world. More users means new opportunities for adverting.

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