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Win MORE Business With LESS Effort? Automation Makes It Possible! [Infographic]

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Win MORE Business With LESS Effort? Automation Makes It Possible! [Infographic]

‘Tis the season of too many office cookies, red Starbucks cups & missed calls. What a time to be alive. Sound familiar? 

If you’re feeling mentally checked out and find yourself shopping for gifts on Amazon during your workday, chances are, your employees are too. While your advertising dollars and team are hard at work, make sure your customer follow-up game is as strong as it needs to be. 

With a robust automation arm, you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. Even if your call center is in a cookie coma by 11am, your customers can be effectively solicited for the services you strive to provide, all with minimal effort and cost to you. 

Have you ever been told your leads “aren’t quality”, floundering, or not picking up calls? Or maybe they’re not in a position to spend additional money during the holidays? Instead of getting psyched out by the insufferable cycle of perceived tire kickers, you may be surprised to know that statistics are on your side. 

By committing to at least 6 lead communication attempts, you increase the likelihood of making contact by up to 70%.

So shift your team’s mindset this season from excuse building to relationship building. Or better yet, let a CRM, (short for Customer Relationship Manager), do the heavy lifting for you! 

Rather than expansive spreadsheets and fat-finger dialing in an effort to manually maintain your own relationships, a CRM can be built to automatically reach out on your behalf, and at your direction, via a plethora of contact methods. 

  • Have your customers not reached out in a few weeks? Send them a promotional offer. 
  • Has your call center not closed a client recently? Have a personal email sent from your manager.  
  • Have visitors been caught scouring your website but not calling? Shoot them a text. 

The possibilities are endless, and it can all happen while you sip a grande latte in slipper socks. No one ever has to know it’s not manual labor!



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