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Choosing the Right Advertiser

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Choosing the Right Advertiser

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How do you know which agency to trust with your business?

The world of advertising would be nearly unrecognizable to those in the business a generation or more ago. Today, large and intimidating Madison Avenue marketing firms are almost nowhere to be found. Instead, ad agencies come in many shapes and sizes; from 10 people in a small office to hundreds of employees at sites across the country.

Everyone knows that the same ad agency is not right for every business, and the average business thus has no shortage of agencies to pick from—so how do you know which is the right one for you?

It is no secret that as businesses grow, they tend to outstrip their own capacity to do their own marketing in-house. Advertising agencies exist to remove the burden of producing high-quality advertising from the backs of business so they can focus on providing their clients with the services they offer.

Agencies often provide businesses with an essential vantage point from the perspective of the consumer which can go a long way towards creating a powerful message that will resonate with the marketplace.

The following are some issues to bear in mind when looking for an ad agency:

What is your goal?

You should have a clear objective in mind with regard to what you want to achieve with advertising. Many ad agencies are tailored to different types of businesses. All have certain strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you are only looking for someone to create and host your new website. Perhaps you need a firm to do consistent PR for you. Look for an advertiser who fits your needs and shares your goals.

How experienced is a firm in your specific field?

An ad agency with considerable experience in whichever industry you’re in will be aware of the needs and nature of that particular market. More important, they will have a better sense of what is needed to be successful for such a market.

How involved is your marketing firm?

Your business is your life, so you will want an advertising agency that keeps you apprised of your success and any limitations in reaching consumers. Your advertising agency needs to be good at communicating with you and should prioritize your needs and goals.

How big is this firm?

There are always trade-offs relative to the size of the marking firm you are considering working with. Larger agencies can provide you with a variety of services, while smaller ones might be more well-versed in your specific industry. You need to be mindful of the services you require, the firm’s resources, and your own marketing budget.

Is the firm a full-service agency?

A full-service ad agency can house every aspect of your marketing campaign, which can save you money. One benefit of a full-service agency is that while you may not need every piece they offer at a given time, as your business grows, you may need to expand into an unforeseen direction. Being partnered with an ad agency that already is very familiar with your product can facilitate the process of expanding into new areas while preserving your brand messaging.

This is exactly the approach taken by Ad Leverage. We manage clients of all sizes, providing real return on your investment while enhancing and preserving your unique brand. We manage campaigns through a variety of mediums—TV, radio, Internet, print, and others, all handled under one roof.


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