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Modern technology continues to revolutionize our world. New inventions transform our lives – adding convenience and luxury to our lifestyles. These inventions and developments are taking place so rapidly that peoples’ attitudes towards technology are also changing at a rapid pace.

Television is one of the technologies that have led to a constant alterations in peoples’ perceptions and attitudes. These days, it has begun to lose its appeal and charm. Earlier on, people used to take out time to sit in front of their television screens and enjoy their favorite TV shows, but this is no longer the norm. Even advertising agencies don’t get as much public attention through television as they used to.

What accounts for this change?

The Rise of Mobile Phones

The days when we used to have several electronic devices to manage our daily tasks are gone. Calculator, camera, alarm, calendar, day-planner – all of them have been replaced by the prevalent use of modern-day mobile phones. Previously used gadgets have become outdated. TV has also suffered: many people now choose to watch their favorite TV serials on their laptops or even their mobile devices thanks to internet services. Families still gather to watch television, but the frequency with which this happens is quite low. Nowadays, people usually stream their favorite shows on Netflix or Hulu. Almost 72% of the viewers use a mobile phone to view video content.

Content Providers

Content providers work differently from standard cable subscriptions. Many advertising agencies do not even have enough opportunity to advertise on content providers’ networks.  Apple TV and Amazon Prime are leading content providers, and you can also pay them for a commercial-free viewing.

Commercial Scheduling

People who watch any live telecast now have the option of recording the show and watching it later on. Because of this, many people now don’t take out extra time from their schedule. Instead, they just record the live telecast. This also allows them to skip through commercials rather conveniently.  This can mean advertisement agencies and brands face reduced exposure through this.

Media Multitasking

Since life today has become quite fast-paced, many people are forced to multitask. No one actually sits down and only watches television today. People are increasingly spending their time viewing their social media posts or are surfing the web in between.

Recent changes in trends have shifted peoples’ preferences and attitudes towards technology, particularly watching the television. This change has also forced the advertising agencies to re-think their strategies and they have become more creative in order to gain the attention of consumers.

Ad Leverage has continued to see success on behalf of their clients thanks in large part to their ability to market to consumers across a spectrum of media channels.  Ad Leverage has been able to put its clients in front of viewers through intentionally-placed TV, radio, email, and digital ads based on the specific market.

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