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The 7 Successful Marketing Strategies of 2016

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The 7 Successful Marketing Strategies of 2016

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With the year nearly at an end, it’s time to look back at the year that was, from a marketing perspective. Consumer trends and how they utilize technology largely dictate ad campaigns and marketing as a whole. Here are seven best online trends in marketing from 2016.


  1. Apps: The move of the internet to smaller and more mobile devices continues. Hugely successful social media sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram have all been competing for the best app-based user experience, hoping to keep visitors on the app as long as possible. Advertising that makes use of apps should go forward into the new year.
  2. Granular marketing: Facebook, Google, and the like are working towards ever more personalized experiences for their users to connect with very specific audiences. The hope is to find certain niches with less competition for a higher chance at converting a visitor.
  3. Automation & Algorithms: Marketers are increasingly turning to programs that “learn” in order to offer their products to the marketplace. This includes tactics such as automatic display advertising which buys and displays ads in different areas without human direction. Wile making life easier for marketers, this can also limit the personal feel of a brand, and reduce the creative output of a business.
  4. Multiple strategies: Those involved in marketing have realized more than one strategy is the best means of hedging one’s bets when it comes to increasing traffic and sales. Every strategy has its positives and negatives; however, stretching yourself too thin can result in a lack of specialization.
  5. Buying pattern evolves: 2016 has seen an increase in the importance of reviews and testimonials for consumers prior to purchasing. Once the research is done, however, consumers generally complete the process rather quickly. Having a robust amount of reviews and testimonials, particularly recent ones, will be even more vital in 2017.
  6. Convert, convert, convert: Shorter signup forms that are more visible and frequent than before, conversion incentives, monetizing social media, and more chances for conversion in other applications. This year saw a huge push towards obtaining conversions on the part of marketers and website owners.
  7. Mobility (literally): 2016 saw wearable technology start to take off, and the trend will likely only continue. This has caused web content to get smaller and thus more easy for users to digest on the move. Even Google is looking to implement protocols which would make mobile pages load much faster.



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