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Why Your Business Needs TV Advertising

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Why business needs TV advertising

Why Your Business Needs TV Advertising

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TV remains the preeminent means by which the average person consumes media in spite of the dramatic growth in the use of internet devices. In fact, the average American spends more than four hours a day in front of a television, meaning those businesses with no presence on TV can have a hard time reaching a large segment of the general population.

Since television’s inception, advertising has not been far behind. Cable television allows for lower production costs for ads and the ability to better target desired demographics.

Why is TV such a good advertising investment?

A TV advertisement can display visually how and why your product or service works and why consumers need it. TV sports also can easily show consumers exactly what to look for at the point of sale. Cable television further provides for a lower production cost for creating ads which can be tailored to target more concentrated markets, opening the door for small to medium-sized companies to utilize this powerful medium.

Advertising on TV offers certain advantages:

  • TV advertisements have a much larger reach than local newspapers and radio stations
  • TV ads reach viewers when they are the most attentive
  • TV ads benefit from sound and movement, adding credibility to your product or service
  • Considerable room is afforded TV ads for creativity in order to personalize and amplify your brand

What are the downsides to TV advertising?

There can be certain challenges to doing TV advertising you should be aware of. Producing a TV commercial can involve hiring script writers, actors, editors, and other professionals which can become quite expensive. Making changes to your ad later on, such as updating sales prices or offering a special promotion, can mean reshooting your entire ad, further eating up your budget.

Furthermore, without outside help, it can prove difficult to target the audience you want with TV ads, especially if your audience is Spanish-speaking. Depending on whom you want to see your ads, you want to purchase time slots when these people are most likely to be in front of a TV.

Ad Leverage simplifies TV advertising, with one team handling the creation of ads and negotiating to find the optimal time slot for the best bargain. We also fully understand the Spanish-speaking market and can develop ads Spanish for you that reach those consumers you want.


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