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Pause Giant AI Experiments

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Pause Giant AI Experiments


Recently, I signed the “Pause Giant AI Experiments” petition, and I’d like to explain my reasons and encourage you to consider doing the same. As someone working with various AI startups, some of which use GPT-4, I’m genuinely excited about the future of large language models. At first, I was hesitant to support any idea that could limit this technology, but after reading the letter’s intent, I decided to embrace it and share. Let me tell you why.


The fact is, the next generation of AI might surpass human intellect, and it’s growing fast by learning from apps and the internet. It’s incredible to see how quickly it advances, but we must be careful. The next step in its development shouldn’t be left to profit-driven corporations without proper oversight. Our current regulators (the same congresspeople who didn’t know that Google doesn’t make iPhones) are not currently equipped to regulate artificial general intelligence that is beyond that of human intelligence. We need something better.


We truly need an independent, non-partisan group of computer scientists who aren’t motivated by profit. They should develop and implement a set of safety protocols that are carefully audited and overseen by trustworthy experts. We also need an economic council to address the job losses that will likely happen as AI takes over various industries.


The goal isn’t to stop AI development but to create a safe and regulated environment for it to thrive. That’s why I encourage you to sign the petition alongside notable figures like Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, & Andrew Yang. Together, we can call for an AI summer, a period of reflection and collaboration to push AI forward in a smart and responsible way.


So, let’s be part of the solution and ensure we approach AI development with intelligence and care. Sign the “Pause Giant AI Experiments” petition and join us in shaping a future where AI progresses ethically and responsibly. 

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