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Brands Adjusting to Increase in Visual Communication

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Brands Adjusting to Increase in Visual Communication

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The transformation of society and communication brought about by text messaging, including the prevalence of abbreviations (“LOL,” “OMG”), memes, and slang has been felt by brands looking to capture digital audience’s attention. Businesses are jumping on this trend, increasingly looking to ways of staying top of mind with consumers by using such internet vernacular

With the average human attention span clocking in at a mere 13 seconds, and expected to decrease further in the next decade, emojis and other digital communication idioms are being employed by brands to connect with consumers.

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Similarly, there is a perceptible shift away form word-heavy messaging towards visual and voice-based exchanges in advertising. Think Siri for individual brands answering consumer queries on promotional sales or hours of operation, saving them from having to manually look up the information themselves.

The abbreviation of language can also be seen in Twitter’s slant towards fewer words and more hashtags. Further evidence of the push towards visual communication can be seen in the growing popularity of Instagram, the social media platform with the greatest degree of user interaction. Human naturally are more engaged through sight rather than text, keeping our attention fixed on the images we scroll past.

Image-based emojis, memes, and GIFs have become increasingly efficient not only at communicating brand messaging but also when it comes to connecting with consumers at a deeper level than plain text, eliciting a more emotional response. Brands need to follow the trend of selling themselves in a visual way even when consumers are offline to remain relevant at all times.

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