The Importance of Digital Advertising

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Digital advertising is fast becoming the single most important avenue when it comes to advertising. It has already eclipsed print media advertising and radio advertising, and soon it will be even more important than television and outdoor advertising. Why is digital advertising leapfrogging all other forms of marketing?

Nearly All Consumers are Online

One of the most basic rules of advertising is that you need to be in the same place as your customers. There is no point in running an ad where your customers will never see it.

The internet is the one place where all types of customers can be found. Teenagers, for example, are increasingly watching less and less television and opting for social media. Working people cannot be reached through television or radio advertisement during work hours. Older people are less likely to leave the house and be affected by an outdoor advertisement.

However, all these groups can be reached through the internet. There is no demographic (aside from the elderly, potentially) that you will be unable to reach over the internet. No other medium of advertising can make the same claim.

The Cost is Much Less than with Traditional Marketing

Digital advertising is the cheapest way to advertise your company possible. You can begin your marketing campaigns with just a few dollars if you wanted to. This has made digital marketing a viable avenue of marketing for even the smallest of businesses.

Before the internet, companies had to spend thousands of dollars just for small marketing campaigns in trade magazines. Now they can reach hundreds of thousands of people for a few hundred dollars through digital marketing.

Data You can’t Find Elsewhere

One big reason that marketers love digital marketing so much is the unprecedented amount of data that it produces.  You can easily discern how many people viewed your ads, what regions responded the most to your ads, and you can generate reports about the exact behavior of your customers.  Internet marketing makes it easy to pit different ads of yours against one another to see which are more effective, and the data can be collected almost instantaneously.  This seamlessly allows you to refine your approach to how you reach out to potential clients.

The Targeting is Precise

Do you know why digital marketing has a better return on investment rate than other forms of marketing? It has to do with allowing you to target with the precision of a scalpel, while with other forms of marketing you can only hope that the right people see your advertisement.

What sort of control do you have over your advertisement if it is over television or radio? You can pick the shows your customers are most likely to enjoy and the time of day in which they are most likely to see it, and that’s about it. You have almost no control when it comes to outdoor advertising and choosing your targets.

In digital marketing, you can specify exactly the type of person that should be shown your advertisement. This increases your ROI because the people unlikely to be your customers are never shown your ads in the first place.

These are just some of the factors which make digital advertising a vitally important marketing avenue for businesses.

The First Step: Ad Leverage

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