3 Types of Audiences for Your Ads and How to Find Them

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For the publisher of an ad, the most critical aspect of your successful advertising is building the right audience. If you are not marketing your business to the right and relevant audience, you cannot expect a positive response in terms of clicks and business growth.

Regardless of how powerful and captivating the content you create for your advertising or marketing campaign, in the absence of right audience to consume it, you cannot drive any leads to your business. Moreover, the platform that you choose to capture this audience also holds the same importance.

So if you are still struggling to find the right audience for your business and where to find it, we have you covered. Here are the three types of audiences and the platforms to best reach out to them.

Young Parents

Younger parents tend to be more familiar with social platforms, parenting forums, and news websites. They can also fall in the millennial age group, which has witnessed the transformation of old media into a newer forms of communication and interaction.

Social media platforms to find young parents include;

  • Facebook: A common go-to platform for roughly 2 billion people and an ideal place to interact with young parents.
  • YouTube: A frequent location for young parents as it offers countless videos, including tutorials and reviews.
  • Pinterest: A great platform to learn through graphics and pictures especially as it relates to being a new parent.


Millennials are the optimistic and idealistic generation that cares about humanity’s wellbeing and future. They are easy to access but more difficult to capture as an audience. They are dynamic, versatile, and depend on statistical data to make decisions.

Social media platforms to find millennial include;

  • Trendy news sitesYou can easily find millennials on trendy news sites offer viral content such as Buzzfeed, Mashable, or Elite Daily.
  • Facebook Millennials have grown up with Facebook in all likelihood. However, go with more video content when you use this platform, video content in particular.
  • YouTube It is must to invest in YouTube to capture millennials who spend countless hours consuming and uploading video content.
  • Instagram The image-sharing app has only been increasing in popularity over the past couple years especially when it comes to those under 30.


While perhaps not as tech-savvy on the whole as younger generations, you can find seniors more on various social platforms such as Facebook as they use it to remain in touch with children or grandchildren. Running advertisements including remarketing campaigns on news sites such as cnn.com or foxnews.com is a good investment to reach those 65 and older.

Social media platforms to find seniors include;


In a nutshell, finding the right audience is just half the battle, knowing what makes them click or tick is the other half.

If you’re looking to reach a certain audience or demographic through online advertising, Ad Leverage knows exactly how to target the right people who need to hear what you have to offer.  Through a combination of digital and traditional marketing, we can create the right ads so you’re not wasting capital on the wrong consumers.  Give our Los Angeles-based advertising agency a call at (805) 230-9100 and learn how we can increase leads and streamline your marketing campaign!


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