Stop Making These AdWords Mistakes

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If your business currently has no Google AdWords campaign running, you’re already well behind the curve. AdWords is by far the most popular means of utilizing PPC opportunities to attract attention to your business. At the same time, if you aren’t running your AdWords campaign properly, you’re essentially throwing your hard-earned advertising dollars down the toilet.

If you’re currently making any of these mistakes with your PPC campaigns, take action right away to stop wasting money.

Not using the right keywords—it is critically important that you target keywords that both have significant volume and relate directly to what you are selling consumers. There are several tools online that can help you isolate the best keywords for your business, including Google Keyword Planner.

Forgetting mobile devices—mobile users and devices need to be considered when plotting your AdWords campaign. The smaller screen means you need to focus less on content, and shorter searches means you should be thinking about short-tail keywords to attract visitors.

Missing out on data—you can’t just try and capture an audience’s attention; you need to measure and track your results to best optimize your campaign. You need to link your AdWords account to your Google Analytics Profile to get access to raw numbers so you can measure how well your campaign is performing.

Not scheduling your ads—by enabling “all features” of your AdWords account, you can schedule your ads instead of running your ads constantly. Scheduling your ads means you have control over the days of the week and time of day for your ads to show that makes the most sense.

Loosing track of your competitors—because AdWords is so ubiquitous, you always need to be keeping an eye on how they’re running their paid campaigns. Using the AdWords Auction Insights report or tools such as SpyFu, you can set the performance of your campaign against your competitors.

Not using grabby text—there’s only so much space to advertise, 30 characters for your headline to be exact. Creativity plays a big part a successful AdWords campaign, so having generic content can mean missing out on opportunities. Fill your headline and content with what you believe would be compelling from a consumer’s viewpoint.

Not having a landing page for your AdWords campaign—leading consumers from your ad to your homepage means you won’t be able to track exactly where this visitor came from, and you could be confusing the visitor who clicked on a specific ad only to be taken to a generic homepage. Confused visitors tend to leave in a hurry, so creating a landing page for your AdWords campaign is the best way to offer visitors the information they are looking for and get them to convert.

Neglecting to test your ads—ads aren’t to be created once and set to run indefinitely. Smart online marketers know that A/B testing of ads is needed to find the optimum ad. You can do this by changing one element of an ad at a time, such as the keywords or headline.

Save Money & Find the Right Consumers

Many business owners run their own AdWords campaigns. To successfully run a campaign, however, requires years of experience and certification to not only create the right ad, but to keep a keen eye on it and make the right adjustments at the right time. Ad Leverage is a dynamic, Los Angeles-based digital advertising agency with the experience you need to handle your paid ads so you can focus on satisfying your customers.

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