The Role Of Social Media in E-Commerce


Social media has the power to influence the publics buying behavior, which is why it has become the new e-commerce buying platform. The influence of social media when it comes to what people buy is ingrained into our culture, as explained in the book, “Contagious: Why Things Catch On,” by Jonah Berger. If you aren’t already using social media to further your e-commerce goals, you should be. Here’s why it’s so important for companies and brands to use social media to their advantage for more sales and awareness.

Sharing is Caring

Data has shown that sharing links and information about products is becoming more popular over social media. The average sharer uses the Chrome browser on a PC and orders an average of $158 per order.  The speed of sharing through social media is another boon for its media power. Sharing isn’t new. People have been sharing for centuries, whether it’s over the garden fence or around the campfire. But it’s the exponential growth factor of social media that makes products and services catch on like wildfire. And social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr, make it easy for advertisers to capture and lock in interest.

Advertising on Facebook

Companies spent over 9 billion dollars on Facebook advertising just in the 2nd quarter of 2017. Facebook offers several different advertising options to choose from, including endless options of which demographic you want to target. As major data miners, Facebook can offer your company targeted demographics to receive your Facebook ads, down to how many friends a user has. For more subtle Facebook advertising, a company could simply create a Facebook social media contest, with the grand prize going to the person who garners the most Likes from their Facebook post.

Advertising and Purchase Options on Social Media

Advertising and marketing on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr is equally easy. Simply set up a company account and post regular updates about company products and services. This step of course comes with having the right person or agency to come up with creative, stand out content and designs that not only catches your audience’s attention but also turns their interest into a share and sale. The more people who share the content, the more sales will follow, especially with the instant buy options most social outlets now offer.

Facebook offers Messenger payments from the home page. Twitter offers a “Buy Now” button your company can include in tweets, so followers can purchase instantly. Instagram is now fully integrated with Shopify. Pinterest has buyable pins, and Tumblr provides an optional “buy” button for posts.

Top Retailers That Embrace Social Media

In these times, the list of brick and mortar stores that are shuttering doors is growing. But retailers that embrace social media in e-commerce are enjoying unprecedented growth. Interestingly, these retailers have also been around for a while, evolving with the times.


Long after the days of their famous “Just do it” campaign, Nike is still crushing it through social media. They do an outstanding job at creating scenarios on social, especially Instagram, that their followers can connect to and picture themselves in.

Best Buy

Best Buy is still top of the charts for digital goods and social media. They tend to share emotionally charged stories displayed by their employees toward their customers that get viral attention.


Target has joined with the masses in leading the way for social equality through its social media presence. These conversations and connections with real customers have helped Target stay on top of the department store market.

Social media is the new backyard garden fence. With billions of dollars at stake, savvy ecommerce retailers are learning to reach their customers where they hang out most. This is where Ad Leverage makes sure your social advertising is at the forefront of innovation and design, constantly driving leads to your company’s front door.

If you’re ready to make a big impact in your e-commerce business, contact Ad Leverage today.

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