Marketing Trends for 2018

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The marketing industry is in constant flux. You always need to look for what is working for your business and what isn’t. In fact, after reviewing the many developments on the advertising front in the past year, 2018 seems like a perfect year to rearrange the decks.

Artificial intelligence was incorporated in large measures last year to drive unprecedented personalization in how ads are created and shown. Many organizations broke down silos, understanding the need for delivering teamwork and connected consumer experience. In 2017, companies tapped insights to fully understand their consumer behavior and this is something that will prevail in 2018 more strategically.

Here are some of the major marketing trends that are expected to accelerate in 2018.


Almost 30% consumers spend their time on mobile devices. This time devoted to media consumption has persuaded marketers to emphasize mobile devices and design their marketing campaigns accordingly. In 2018, we have started to observe dynamic email content that is custom-fit for all mobile devices. Hence, mobile-oriented marketing campaigns will be the first target and preference for marketers this year.

Smarter advertising

In 2018, businesses are obtaining direct access to quality and trustworthy data from publishers to reinstate commoditized and reliable third-party data. Moreover, the need for accessing more relevant data  and the continuous converging of marketing and advertising technology are some of the trends which will also gain momentum in the current year.

Breaking Down Silos by Organizations

In 2018, companies are looking forward to co-invitation and cross-functional collaboration with other companies that facilitate these interactions. The increasing interaction of consumers with brands is spanning customer service, marketing communication, sales, and more. In addition to that, various new performance plans are expected to be implemented. As companies evolve their prevailing metrics, they will deliver contextually relevant and improved marketing experience to various consumers.

Consumer Engagement through Integrated Data Platforms

The most transformative experience for marketers in the last year was harnessing insights and capturing data for better engagement with customers. But in 2018, the data will be used in better ways. Marketers are now boosting investment in DMPs – Data Management Platforms. This will help them in managing, storing, and analyzing customer data from different platforms and to interact with them in a personalized manner, through customized marketing campaigns.

The Integration of Artificial Intelligence

The artificial industry is significantly transforming the marketing and advertising world. That is why in 2018, there is a growing trend of integrating AI in business analytics and consumer insights. It will help consumers to have a more real-time and personalized experience with brands.

For businesses, this will help in understanding consumer behavior and making better marketing strategies to improve customer engagement. Now marketers are using AI to reach out to a targeted audience and to provide them with the content that is most relevant to them.


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