How to Increase Landing Pages Conversions

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You have an attractive product and a running website: you know your customers will love and benefit from your product but where are the conversions from clicking your ads to sales?

Chances are, you have a poor landing page. The page might be too distracting, improperly designed, or may not even exist in the first place. Rest assured, however, a landing page can always be improved by following some proven tips.

Delineate Your Focus

If you know the point of a page on your site, it doesn’t really matter. Your visitor must know the point of the landing page. To ensure this, you must define the focus. Remove extraneous or unnecessary navigation links. This will help your visitor to stay on your page and review the information thoroughly without leaving.

Use Emotions to Connect

Many businesses believe that listing the benefits of their products or services is enough to improve conversion rates, this is largely untrue. The average consumer is probably relatively uninformed of the product you are selling as it is and will therefore be less inclined to make a rational choice. The most proven way to fully connect with your visitors is through emotion. Certain emotions will help you in encourage clicks on your landing page better than others. For instance, create the sense of urgency or fear in pushing for visitors to make a purchase. You may do it by listing the remaining stock of an item or showing a ticking clock when the offer is about to end.

Keep it Simple

There is only so much your visitor can do if your landing page is difficult to navigate. Keep it simple and clutter free. Your visitor should be able to see everything clearly so that they can click links and use your page and, ideally, your products and services. For instance, if you want your visitor to e-mail or call you for information, keep this information clear and at the forefront on the landing page. You may also create links to e-mail addresses, numbers, or your social media channels. This will reduce the number of clicks for users and will make your page a lot more user-friendly. While we’re on the subject of making your landing page and page easy to navigate, let us also state the importance of making it mobile-friendly. Most users surf the internet through their mobile devices these days, and Google will continue to prioritize your mobile index into the future.

Call to Action

Your call to action (CTA) is the key to convert your visitor into a customer. If your landing page has no call to action, it is equivalent to a nonexistent business. Keep the CTA at the bottom of your page and make it attractive. Make your CTAs clear to the visitor without having them needing to hunt for it.

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