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There was a time when email marketing was the only way to market your business online – then came search engine marketing (SEO), and social media marketing. Most companies focus on social media posts and having your ads show up in search results, but email marketing is still as efficient as ever. Here are some reasons your business needs to be investing in email marketing.

The Trust Factor

If you want someone to do business with you, you need to earn their trust you first. One of the easiest ways of building trust with anyone is to have a dialogue with them. Talk with anyone a few times and you automatically begin building that. The same happens with emails. When you regularly keep contacting customers through email, they start trusting you more. The best way to go about this is to share weekly or monthly updates regarding your business.

Speed & Efficiency

Email marketing is one of the fastest methods of marketing available. With social media, you have to wait for the audience to come to you, and the same is true for most forms of advertising. With email marketing, you go to the customer, and there is no limit on the speed or quantity. You can reach a million inboxes in the matter of a couple of minutes – a feat which cannot be matched by any other type of marketing.

Building Relationships

The people we regularly talk to are the people that we have an established relationship with. If you compose the right emails, ones that have a personal touch to them, you will get replies from your customers. These conversations can result in people being your loyal customers for life. The good thing about this is that these people can help you if your business happens to be in a slump. If business is slow and you need to turn things around fast, simply give your regular customers a small discount via their inbox and watch the phone start to ring and people stream into your office.

Lots of Data to Chew On

One great thing about email marketing is that it gives you a lot of useful data about your marketing strategy. You can see how many people open your emails, you can track who clicks the links in your emails, and you can perform A/B testing very easily by running two different email campaigns with similar or differing recipient lists. The data you get from your email campaigns allows you to develop much better marketing campaigns in the future. It also tells you who your most loyal customers are, which allows you to design campaigns directed at them specifically.

The Beauty of Ubiquity

The biggest advantage of email is that it isn’t dependent on one device or medium. People can open your emails on their computers, their phones, their tablets – anything that can receive emails is a way for you to reach the customer. Almost everyone has an email address these days, so when you choose to market through email, you can market to everyone without facing any problems.

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