15 Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

2018 digital marketing trends

As we stepped into 2018, we observed a shift in the digital marketing industry. There are numerous new trends replacing the conventional ones. Companies are now paying close attention to adopt these trends and to remain ahead of the game. If not, they might fall by the wayside!

The top 15 digital marketing trends of 2018

  1. Influencer market collapse – Brands are now moving away from middle-tier and high-cost influencers as they are good to drive awareness but not to get ROI.
  2. Gesture-based interface – Interactive gesture-based technology are now taking over the daily lives of consumers. Hence companies are now shifting from heptic or voice technology to better and more interactive interfaces.
  3. Keeping track of customer journey – So far companies have relied on data-driven marketing but the new trend is to understand the consumer purchasing path. Learn customer behavior through data and design a specific marketing plan to move along their journey.
  4. Integration of Augmented Reality through Social Media – Since the cell phone is the most powerful device to engage with the end user, brands are focusing on integration AI with social apps. Pokémon Go is the best example of real-time interaction with the end user.
  5. Purposeful targeted Ads – A consumer comes across numerous ads on a daily basis. But in 2018, advertisements will become more targeted and purposeful in nature. Ads will be displayed with a particular goal, regardless the platform.
  6. Video marketing – This is the most influential way of presenting digital content. It is good for improving search engine rankings, engaging consumers and delivering the idea in a lot more creative ways. It is definitely a potential trend making a huge impact on businesses.
  7. Live video – Along with video marketing, the new trend of the professional live video is also taking the lead in connecting with the end user in real time, and that too, a lot more purposefully.
  8. Personalization throughout the sales funnel – In this hyper-competitive market, personalization at every step of business has become the most crucial element for consumers as well as businesses. Since attention equals currency now, therefore personalization is definitely a critical aspect of digital marketing in 2018.
  9. Native advertising – Inclusion of native advertising in the digital marketing strategy is a must to seek better market reach, improve engagement and create more brand relevance.
  10. Cost per experiment – Smart marketers are getting closer to ROI, rolling up the old metrics into cost per experiments such as CPL, CPM, CPC, and
  11. Strategies for contextual targeting – Audience targeted strategies are now being replaced with contextually targeted strategies, compelling advertisers to understand the context of each page for brand safety purposes.
  12. Predictive algorithms – Now application programming interfaces are now open for natural language processing, machine-learning algorithms, and This is helping businesses in making better predictions and in optimizing the overall budget.
  13. Digital integration in real life experiences – Now digitalization does not stand alone but is more integrated into the real-life You must have seen the event in which online experience starts prior to the event and continues throughout the event.
  14. Voice marketing – After the introduction of Siri and Alexa, the preference for voice-based technology is increasing every passing day. Hence marketers must design content that would accommodate this technology.
  15. Advanced content marketing – New formats are evolving every day, therefore marketers must design improved marketing strategies like snippets and interactive tutorials to facilitate consumers. This has to be more interactive and more integrated with UI elements.

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